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Currently no Ukrainetz Auctions this month.


Currently no Ukrainetz Auctions this month.


Currently no Ukrainetz Auctions this month.


Buchanan Consignment Auction Auction
Consignment Auction
Buchanan SK
Saturday  April  16  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

UPCOMING ***2017*** SPRING Auction

SUNDAY  APRIL  23  2017

Details to follow at a later date!


Dave and Audrey Popowich Auction
Farm Auction
Saturday  May  07  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

NOTE: Dave and Audrey are retiring. Machinery off stone free land. Machinery above average condition. Tandem truck excellent condition.Online Bidding 1:00 PM

Angelski Farming Ltd Auction
Farm Auction
Wynyard SK
Sunday  May  08  2016
Starting: 9:30 AM

NOTE: Louis has sold the farm. There is enormous amount of misc. Items and iron. Major equipment looks good. Online Bidding 1:00 PM

Allan and Valerie Herperger Auction
Farm Auction
Stockholm SK
Saturday  May  14  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

NOTE: Allan has quit farming and selling all his equipment. Online Bidding 1:00 PM

Larry and Estate of Marlene Dyky Auction
Farm Auction
Hazel Dell SK
Sunday  May  15  2016
Starting: 9:30 AM

NOTE: Larry sold the acreage he has been a welder, fabricator by trade. There is enormous amount of shop and shop related items. Kubota items are mint.

Evening Auction Sylvia and The Estate of John Bodnar Auction
Thursday  May  19  2016
Starting: 4:30 P.M.

John had a large assortment of tools which are in good shape. Be on Time!!!! KARLA'S AUCTION

Ron and Sandra Rudoski Auction
Acreage Auction
Yorkton SK
Saturday  May  21  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

NOTE: Ron and Sandra are selling the acreage. They have raised, showed, and raced miniature horses for over 35 years. There are thousands of horse related items. JD tractor is mint. If you are a “horse man”, don’t miss this sale!

Rocky Racette Auction
Real Estate Auction
Calder SK
Sunday  May  22  2016
Starting: 12:00 PM

Note: Rocky really wants to sell this property. This is a clean up sale. This property is an excellent starter of revenue home

Wynyard Consignment Auction
Consignment Auction
Wynyard SK
Sunday  May  29  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

There is something here for everyone!! See you at the sale!


Rudy and Pauline Els Auction
Acreage Auction
Yorkton, SK
Saturday  June  04  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

Rudy and Pauline have sold the farm. He had a passion for JD Equipment. JD Tractors and Equipment are excellent to mint condition. JD 4230 is one of the nicest we sold. If you talk to Rudy you talk John Deer! ON LINE BIDDING 1:OO PM

Walter and Alice Haberstock Auction
Household and Antique
Saturday  June  04  2016
Starting: 9:00 A.M.

There is something here for everyone to numerous to mention. Be on Time!!! KARLA'S AUCTION

Dale Onufreychuk Auction
Farm Auction
Sheho SK
Sunday  June  05  2016
Starting: 11:00 AM

Note: Dale due to health is retiring from farming and selling all of his machinery. There are not many small items.Online Bidding 1:00 PM

Bob Hydamacka Auction
Farm Auction
Norquay SK
Saturday  June  11  2016
Starting: 10:30 AM

Note: Bob sold the land, major equipment all shedded and in above average condition. Lots of hours left on this equipment. Online bidding 1:00 PM

Estate of Richard Sies Auction
Farm Auction
Melville SK
Sunday  June  12  2016
Starting: 11:00 AM

Note: Richard was the local mechanic. Shop is full of mechanic related tools. Tractors look good ON LINE BIDDING @ 1:00 pm House hold items

Moving Sale for Harriett Snow Auction
Real Estate
Friday  June  17  2016
Starting: 4:00 P.M.

Everything is clean and well taken care of. Harriett needs to move so everything will be sold to the highest bidder. If you are looking for a starter home or revenue home don't miss out. See you at the sale!!!KARLAS AUCTION

Tim Ireland Auction
Farm Auction
Churchbridge SK
Saturday  June  18  2016
Starting: 11:00 AM

Tim is retiring. Machinery has a lot of hours left. IHC combine, semi, grain trailer are really nice. Online Bidding 1:00 PM

Tony and Jean Bobyk Auction
Farm Auction
Kamsack SK
Sunday  June  19  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

Note: Tony rented his land. Cockshutt tractors look good. Grain truck excellent for the year. ON LINE BIDDING @ 1:oo pm

Wednesday  June  22  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

PC Construction Note- ***This is a cleanup sale,yard and buildings are listed with a Real Estate Company*** Trucking Company Note- ***These items are very clean, and are new or next to new, approx. 2 hours of household and misc items*** ***ONLINE BIDDING at 1:00pm***

Alan and Aileen Hayward Auction
Farm Auction
Atwater SK
Saturday  June  25  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

Note: Alan and Aileen rented the land, machinery was shedded and used on small acreage. Major equipment looks good for its age. Online Bidding 1:00 PM Household and misc items

Estate of Joe Szarkowicz Sackie Service Auction
Real Estate and Repair Shop Auction
Ituna SK
Sunday  June  26  2016
Starting: 9:30 AM

NOTE: Joe (Sackie Service) has been the local service technician for decades. There is a large assortment of new parts, tools, hardware related to small appliance repair. This is definitely a partial listing. House is move in ready and family wants to sell and settle the Estate.Come see for yourself.


Moving Auction for Kurt the Plumber Auction
Real Estate
Friday  July  15  2016
Starting: 3:00 P.M.

Kurt was a local plumber in the area and is now relocating. He will be downsizing his tools and supplies. Everything will be sold to the highest bidder. See you at the sale!!! Karla's Auction

Reg Wade Auction
Saltcoats Sk
Saturday  July  16  2016
Starting: 10:00 am

Reg is retired from farming. Major Equipment is shedded.

Carl Barabonoff Auction
Real Estate and Farm Auction
Swan Plain, SK
Sunday  July  17  2016
Starting: 10:00 A.M.

Carl is selling the acreage and recreation and yard items look good. Online Bidding starts at 1:00 pm!

Evening Auction for Edith and the Estate of Mike Kreklewetz Auction
Monday  July  18  2016
Starting: 4:00 P.M.

Edith sold the house and everything will be sold to the highest bidder. Everything is clean which is a pleasure to sell. See you at the sale!!! Karla's Auction

Estate of Albert Elliott Auction
Property, Household and Antiques
Abernethy SK
Saturday  July  23  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

There are alot of interesting antiques at this sale. The family is wanting to sell the property come on down and have a look!!!KARLAS auction

Southey Consignment Auction
Equipment, Vehicles, Misc, Antiques
Southey, SK
Sunday  July  24  2016
Starting: 10:00 am

More items arriving each day, give Kevin a call.

Bill and Nettie Gulka Auction
Farm Auction
Pelly SK
Monday  July  25  2016
Starting: 11:00 a.m.

Note: Bill and Nettie sold the farm. Items are clean, shedded and very well maintained. Tractor looks good, furniture is nice.

Estate of Clifford Schaufert Auction
Farm Auction
Stockholm, SK
Saturday  July  30  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

Note: Machinery was used for cattle operation. Crawler and Backhoe look good. THERE WILL BE NO ONLINE BIDDING AVAILABLE, SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.


Town and Country Service Auction
Stock Reduction
Bredenbury SK
Monday  August  01  2016
Starting: 9:30 AM

Don and Carol Slowski Auction
Farm Auction
Canora, SK
Saturday  August  06  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

Don was a welder by trade. His shop is loaded with related items. Welding Truck is real nice. Old vehicles are shedded.ONLINE BIDDING 1:OO PM

David and Joanne Sawkiw CANCELLED Auction
Farm Auction
Preeceville SK
Sunday  August  07  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

Note: David was a mechanic and a handy man. There are a lot of interesting items in his shop. Bob cat looks good. ON LINE BIDDING 1OO PM

Gerald and Mary Ann Nedjelski Auction
Farm Auction
Kelvington, SK
Saturday  August  13th  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

Auctioneers Note: Gerald & Mary Ann are retired from farming and are selling excellent equipment by auction. Machinery was used on small acres, many hours left on his equipment. *** ON LINE BIDDING 1:00 P.M. ***

Estate of Anton Diduck Auction
Farm Auction
Sunday  August  14TH  2016
Starting: 9:30 AM

Anton supported our sales for many years. Major equipment still has many hours left in it.

Agnes Pawloski and Estate of John Pawloski Auction
Farm Auction
Wynyard, SK
Saturday  August  20  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

John was an excellent horsemen. His passion for horses will be recognized at the sale. His show harness is mint. Vehicles are in very nice shape with low kilometers for the year. Johns items where definitely not abused.

Estate of Sophia Liss Auction
Farm Auction
Rose Valley SK
Sunday  August  21  2016
Starting: 9:30 AM 2 RINGS

Auctioneers Note: Machinery is small but fair condition. There is a very, very, large assortment of small collectibles and antiques. We haven’t seen them all!

Barb Reminek and Estate of Reg Reminek Auction
Farm Auction
Pelly SK
Monday  August  22th  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

NOTE: Barb has sold and is cleaning up the farm. Major equipment shedded.

Al and Carol Todosichuk Auction
Clean Up Sale
Saturday  August  27th  2016
Starting: 9:30 AM

Al is cleaning up the acreage. There are a lot of items we haven’t seen. Tractors are in excellent shape. Online Bidding 1:00 PM

Household Real Estate Auction for Joyce Printz and Estate of Ken Printz KP Radio TV Service Auction
Real Estate, Household, TV Repair, Tools
86 Alexandra Ave Yorkton Sk SOLD!!!!
Sunday  August  28  2016
Starting: 10:00 A.M.

Mrs. Printz has relocated to Saskatoon and everything will be sold to the highest bidder. There is a large variety of new tools. Be on Time!


Melvin Matychuk Auction
Farm Auction
Monday  September  05  2016
Starting: 10:00 AM

NOTE: Melvin has bought and is relocating. This is definitely his last sale. Owner has first right of refusal on property.

Yorkton SK
Saturday   September  10  2016
Starting: 12:30 PM

NOTE: Terry was well known around the community for doing good work. His equipment is good quality and good condition.

Huge 3 Family Sale Auction
Saturday  September  24  2016
Starting: 10:00 A.M.

Large Assortment of Household Items, Tools, Furniture, metal gun cabinet, safe, etc All lunch proceeds go to Prairie Women on Snowmobiles for Breast Cancer Karla Gervais being chosen to ride as a core rider for Yorkton and area! Come show your Support!


SATURDAY  October  01st  2016
Starting: 9:30 AM

NOTE: Varian is retiring. Major equipment is good condition. Online bidding 1:00

Starting: 10:00 AM

***Norm sold the farm, moving to Yorkton. All equipment sold to the highest bidder. Check on availability of bins***

Starting: 1:00 PM

Vange & Wayne will provide the successful buyer with the latest appraisals (Feb.2016) that were completed by Crown Appraisals. Online bidding @ 1:00 pm on location

Bashutski Farms Estate of John and Ann Bashutski Auction
Large Farm Auction
Lestock , SK
Saturday  October  15  2016
Starting: 9:30 AM (2 Rings will be selling)

John supported our sales for 40 years and I am proud to do his last sale. If you need JD equipment, don't miss this sale. This is a large sale and the main tractors look good! 2 Rings will be selling! On Line bidding starts at 1:00pm


First Annual Regina Toy Auction
Toy Auction
Saturday  November  12th  2016
Starting: 10:00 A.M.

Watch for pictures and complete listing...... To consign or for more info contact: Bill- (H)306-545-4522 or cell 306-551-8854

Peter and Heide Bratusa Auction
Farm Acreage
Saltcoats, Sk
Saturday  November   5th  2016
Starting: 10:00 a.m.

Peter & Heide are moving off the farm. Acreage size equipment is in good shape and the household items are in excellent condition. In case of bad weather the sale will be held in a sheltered building. See you at the sale!


Currently no Ukrainetz Auctions this month.

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