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Can't make it to the auction? No problem!

We will bring the auction to you!

Online Auctions powered by Hibid and Mobile Auction access to give you access to the auction house, from your house!

How to Create an Account!


Step 1:

Go to or click on any of the

BID NOW buttons you see on our Ukrainetz / Karla's Auction sites!

Step 2:

Select the "Login/New Bidder" option from the HiBid top menu bar.

Step 3:

The Login Window will appear, if you have an account you may

enter your username and password now, if you do not have an

account select "New Bidder, Click Here".

Step 4:

Enter a e-mail address, after selecting "Check E-mail" you will begin

to enter your information to create your account. Information such

as First Name, Last Name, Country and Address. You will also select

a Username and Password at this time, once complete select

"Create New Account".

How to add Payment

Options to an Account!

Step 1:

Once logged in, you will see your name at the top left of the menu bar,

select your name to open a options menu displaying information about

your account such as current bids, past bids, and "Payment Methods",

select "Payment Methods".

Step 2:

Enter your preferred method of payment information, and select

"Save Payment Method".

Find Auctions!

Step 1:

To see current Ukrainetz / Karla's Auction listings, select the

"Current Auctions" option from the top menu from the page.

Logging Out!

Step 1:

Select your name from the top left of the menu, select "Log Out"

located at the bottom of the your account options menu.

Mobile Menu!


Please note, all the above steps are the same if using a mobile device. 

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