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June Online Gun Auction- Canadian Citizens Only

Updated: Jun 5

OPEN: June 17, 2022 (FRI) - starting at 9:00am

PREVIEW: June 19, 2022 (SUN) - 2-4pm. Location: Karla's Auction House - 121 Railway Avenue, Springside, SK

CLOSE: June 21, 2022 (TUE) - starting at 1:00pm

PICKUP: June 27, 2022 (MON) 1-7pm. Location: Karla's Auction House - 121 Railway Avenue, Springside, SK 1. Please bring helpers if you have purchased larger, heavier items! 2. Items are NOT to be removed until a PAID IN FULL Invoice has been presented to Staff.

C-71 Firearms Regulations

1. Bidders who want to bid on Firearms, must have a current and valid PAL for our Auctions.

2. Several days PRIOR to Pickup, the Bidder is responsible for providing:

a. Pictures of their PAL card (front and back) and Email address.

b. To speed up the process, if you are going to purchase in this June auction, you can

email the front, back of your PAL, Date of Birth, and email address to: and we can start the process earlier to avoid

some delay.

3. Once we receive your information:

a. Karla’s Auction will complete the Reference Verification with the RCMP by submitting

the Bidder’s information.

b. At this point, Karla’s Auction will be given a Reference Number for the verification

that will be valid for 90 days ONLY at Karla’s Auction gun auctions.

c. If the information does not match, the Bidder will be unable to bid on any Firearms

until the issue has been resolved.

d. Bidding on another person’s behalf is NOT permitted.

e. Karla’s Auction is responsible to store and secure a copy of all PAL information for

20 years as per the Firearms Records Regulations.

Valid PAL Required - Canadian Citizens Only

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