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Swing and Slide Springside School Fundraiser Online Auction Held at Springside Arena

Updated: Apr 13

OPEN: Apr 11, 2023 (MON) - 11am

PREVIEW: Apr 16, 2023 (SUN) - 2pm to 4pm. Location: Ridgerunner Arena (Rink), 20 Sharman St., Springside, SK

CLOSE: Apr 18, 2023 (TUE) - Starts closing at 10am (soft close)

PICKUP: Apr 19, 2023 (WED) - 12pm to 7pm. Location: Ridgerunner Arena (Rink), 20 Sharman St., Springside, SK

OUR FUNDRAISER: Springside School's Swing and Slide Auction is our first fundraiser to bring in new playground equipment! Our student population is growing so Springside School Community Council (SCC) wants to assist by bringing in different and additional playground accessories to accommodate the growing needs of physical and mental wellness.

Kids needs space to explore; adventures to create; imagination to find; relationships to enhance. We feel all of these things are important and we strive to bring them to our students daily. The SCC board is dedicated to enhance learning on all levels, and after many academic needs being met over the years, we feel that the physical aspect is what needs our focus right now.

These new structures will also benefit every community member by enhancing our town for out-of-town visitors, whether it's family members or those passing through.

Please consider purchasing an item, or donating to our Swing and Slide Auction!

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